AffinityImmuno’s Polyclonal Antibody Services are designed to fit your research and production needs. Each project begins with a free antigen design analysis with AffinityImmuno’s scientific staff. We offer cost-effective, standard programs, as well as custom protocols designed by our team of professionals to meet your specific needs. Our standard protocols are described in the following pages and have been used with great success for a wide variety of antigen types.

If a custom protocol is more appropriate for your project, please please contact us today.

Antigen Review

Without obligation, we will set-up a meeting for you with our scientific staff to discuss your project. We will provide you with an estimate of project feasibility, timelines, and costs. To begin your discussion, please contact us today.

Rapid Polyclonal Protocol

With complete packages beginning at just $300 per animal, AffinityImmuno’s Rapid Polyclonal protocol is designed for rapid antibody production at a low cost. The 57-day immunization protocol has proven successful for many antigen types and may be extended by selecting the Plus or Extended Services.

Classic Polyclonal Protocol

AffinityImmuno’s Classic Polyclonal Protocol is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of academic and industry scientists alike. The 98-day immunization protocol is ideal for hapten, bacterial antigens, and other small targets, as well as for long-term projects requiring large volumes of antibody. For manufacturing-scale quantities of antisera, we offer an extended service, which moves your animals to a monthly rotation at Day 98 for on-going production.

Antigen Synthesis Service

AffinityImmuno can couple peptide synthesis with antibody development. We offer free consultation on antigen design and will custom synthesize a peptide to your specifications. Peptides are purified to >85%, >90% or >95% purity and undergo Quality Control by HPLC and Mass Spec. We offer several pre-packaged programs for two animals using the Rapid Polyclonal Protocol, and offer the Classic Polyclonal Protocol for larger volumes of antisera.